The Outing: 22nd of October 2011

The Outing: 22nd of October 2011

Being an annual gathering to celebrate the strategic alliance between Allianz SNA and CreditBank in the Bancassurance sector, an all day outing was organized in the Bekaa valley on October 22nd, 2011. It included both parties along with Credex team who handled the organizational aspect of the event. The outing started by visiting Arc en Ciel premises in Taanayel for a traditional breakfast, and an experience for the Lebanese ancient rural life, before heading to the next destination: “Chateau Kefraya”. The event’s message was to remember our heritage as a basis for the future, so the most suitable place to visit was one of lebanon’s oldest wineries.

A short summary was made by Allianz SNA Bancassurance Manager Mr. Raed Labaki who emphasized on the partnership with CreditBank in the saving plans products while counting on Credex support in this aspect.

Moreover, Credex General Manager Mr. Selim Beshara motivated all participants to count on the support of Credex Insurance Consultants in order to achieve all the objectives desired: “Credex was ranked amongst the Top 6 largest insurance brokerage firms in Lebanon in 2010, and the situation is getting even better in 2011; therefore count on the professionalism and expertise of Credex team to reach your highest objectives”, emphasizes Mr. Beshara.

The gathering continued in Chateau Kefraya winery by tasting its specialty wines, going for a tour between the vineyards, and exploring different processes of wine making in the wineries. A buffet lunch was held afterwards.

In the end, valuable prizes distribution was held for all Customer Relationship Officers whom their sales figures were the highest amongst all others, and everybody cut a cake to end up this event in the most appropriate way.

Finally, everybody drank the toast of this partnership and wished for future successes and prosperity.
By: Anthony Bechara

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